Roof Add-ons

Skylight installation and more in Kaneohe

Here at My Roofing Co, we proudly install skylights, solar fans, and other roof features on roofs of all types. If you need something on your roof, our experienced technicians can put it there safely and securely. We serve all of Oahu — give us a call today!
A roof ventilator for heat control moving on top roof

Solar fan installation and repair

Solar fans are an efficient, environmentally friendly way to keep your house cool during the warm spring and summer months. To ensure that your solar fans are installed safely and securely in the proper spot on your roof, give our experienced technicians a call today! We also service and repair solar fans across all of Oahu.

Skylight installation and repair

Skylights come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and are a great way to let in natural light in to your home. Here at My Roofing Co, we provide installation and repair services for skylights for any roof. Give our experienced technicians a call, and we'll help you install or fix your skylight today!
Suburban home with beige siding and double garage

Custom work

If you need professional-grade work done on your roof, our technicians are the ones to call. We have the resources and expertise to handle installation and repair on roofs and roof features of all types. If you've got a project you need done, give us a call and we'll make it happen. When it comes to roofs, choose the local experience that counts. Choose us today!
If you need it on your roof, we'll install it. Call our professionals today! 
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